About Jeanine

I have worked with contractors and homeowners designing and managing remodels for 15 years and have many happy clients that keep calling me back for the next project.

I have always found it interesting how different each home is ever since I was a kid . When we would go to a new person’s house I would ask for a tour out of curiosity and think about what I liked or what I would do differently. I took AutoCAD class in high school where I began learning how to read, draw and render house plans. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design in 2008 and have been designing and managing kitchen and bathroom remodels for homeowners and builders ever since. In 2022 a friend of mine from college asked me to help him design his new home and I jumped at the chance! It’s been such a fun experience and I would like to do more of it to continue expanding my knowledge of all aspects of design and continually hone in my process to make the experience as easy as possible for every client. 

I want my clients to love their home, have a home that functions well for the way they live, and appreciate the time and stress that hiring a professional can take off of their shoulders.